Moffets – Lorry Mounted Crane/Forklift

Here at Platinum Transport, we boast a huge fleet of vehicles with forklift trucks mounted to the rear of the vehicle.

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What is a Moffet?

A Moffett is a forklift truck that is mounted to the back of a lorry. Also called a lorry mounted forklift.

Moffett’s are extremely capable and versatile machines that enable us to deliver our client’s cargo in an efficient and safe manner every time. Moffett’s are very helpful when unloading is an issue, whether you have no access to a forklift on site, a tight space or a large delivery to a residential address we can help you to minimise time and maximise efficiency when you need your goods delivered.  We have a varying range of Moffett trucks; a two way moffett can go backwards and forwards and a four way moffett can go backwards and forwards and side to side so these are excellent for delivering long objects such as concrete beams or fence posts. Our moffett’s can comfortably lift 2.5 tonne and are a lot more practical and affordable than a Hiab or lorry mounted crane (HIAB).

Moffets can perform many of the tasks that regular forklifts can, such as carrying loads, but are light enough that they can be transported on the back of a truck.

The goods that we typically carry and deliver on our Moffett trucks are plasterboard, timber, tiles and ceramics, machinery and plant, shop fittings, oversized crates and motorcycles, glass and  more.

Should you require more information on our Lorry Mounted Crane/Forklift services, feel free to call our traffic team to make your enquiry, or complete the contact form below.

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