Platinum Transport offer tailored solutions for the final mile of the journey of your goods, drawing on decades of experience to provide a first-class service.

Goods that need to be delivered come from all over the world and the final mile is an integral part of the supply chain. Here at Platinum Transport we can take care of this for you and make sure that your products are delivered safely, efficiently and in a timely manner.

We specialise in large, heavy and bulky items that require a little extra planning and detail to get them to their final destination. A typical example of this would be as follows: A US based company that manufacture air conditioning units will send their goods to the UK via a container ship, once the ship has docked in the UK port the container will be cleared and collected by either us by another haulier, the goods will then be taken into our consolidation centre and stored safely until they are ready to be delivered, at which time they will then be loaded by our team onto one of our vehicles and taken to their final destination.


This is where the term “Final Mile” is derived.

Should you require more information on our Final Mile Logistics services, feel free to call our traffic team to make your enquiry, or complete the contact form below.


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