Our Fleet

A Modern, Diverse Fleet Of High-End Vehicles

At Platinum Transport we pride ourselves on having the latest, up to date vehicles and state of the art tracking software ensuring your goods arrive on time, every time.

All of our vehicles are EURO 6, ULEZ & Direct Vision compliant allowing us access to London & other cities with clear air zones.

Our vehicles come complete with 4 way camera recording equipment; monitoring both our driver standards & safety of the goods onboard.

Our fleet ranges from smaller urban vehicles, all the way up to 44 tonne artics and 90% of our fleet have forklifts mounted to the rear enabling us to unload the goods ourselves.

18t rigid vehicles

For smaller urban loads we recommend our 18t (18 tonne weight capacity) vehicles for safe and secure transit across London and the UK as well as into Mainland Europe. We guarantee that these lorries are adaptable to your needs and can cater for all types of freight. All of our 18t vehicles come with underslung tail lifts with a 1000kg lifting capacity complete with fall protection system.

We offer two different styles in our 18t, which includes:

  • 18t Curtain Sided Vehicle
  • 18t Curtain Side with Internal Slats

26t with rear mounted forklift

These vehicles are extremely versatile and offer a solution for heavier and taller loads while still being able to access urban areas safely and conveniently. The 26t with rear mounted forklift is our most sought after vehicle so we have a number of these on our fleet to cater to the demand of our clients.

All lorry mounted forklifts have a lifting capacity of 2 tonne and can lift a wide variety of palletised & oversized items across many types of terrain.

We offer two different styles in our 26t range, which includes:

  • 26t Curtain Sided Vehicles –  2.2m x 2.3m x 7.8m – 16 Pallet Spaces Capacity with FLT 12500kg without 15000kg
  • 26t Flatbed Vehicles 2.4m x 8m bed – 16 Pallet Spaces Capacity with FLT 12500kg without 15000kg

44t Artics

Articulated vehicles, also known as “Artics,” are designed to make sharp turns while carrying heavy loads with the help of a tractor unit and a semi-trailer. Artics are very effective at moving bulk goods anywhere in the UK. These vehicles are for bigger, heavier loads and are excellent for getting large deliveries to their destination in one go rather than multiple smaller loads.

We offer two different styles in our Artic range, which includes:

  • Tri Axle Curtain Sided Trailer with sliding roof. Suitable to locations which require unloading by crane but also need the goods to be kept dry in transit.
  • Tri Axle Flatbed Trailer with open back suitable to all sized freight.

Forklift Mounted (MOFFETS)

Platinum Transport have invested heavily in our fleet and we take great pride in the fact that we now have the largest fleet of vehicles with Mounted forklifts in the UK. We now proudly boast over 50 forklift mounted trucks and are the uk’s industry leader in self unloading transportation services.



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