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Luton Vehicles

Luton vehicles, or Luton bodies, are a popular choice for transporting high pallets and making rounds to delivery points where a larger truck wouldn’t have access. Freight forwarders are sure to appreciate the value of these vehicles compared to our 18-tonne types.

These vehicles are available with a tail lift and come with such optional features as:

  • Curtain side style
  • GRP box style
  • A specially adapted high top

7.5-Tonne Rigid Vehicles

These vehicles are extremely versatile, whether you’re looking for a same-day delivery, special contract logistics or whatever else your requirements may be. 7.5-tonne vehicles make up a large portion of our service fleet, giving you several options to choose from.

We run 3 different types of 7.5-tonne vehicles, including:

  • 7.5-tonne box with tail lift
  • 7.5-tonne curtain side with tail lift
  • 7.5-tonne flatbed

18-Tonne Rigid Vehicles

For larger or heavier loads, we recommend our 18-tonne vehicles for safe and secure transit across the UK and to mainland Europe. We guarantee that these lorries are adaptable to your needs.

We offer 3 different styles in our 18-tonne range, which includes:

  • 18-tonne box with tail lift
  • 18-tonne curtain side
  • 18-tonne flat bed

Crane Mounted (HIAB)

These vehicles are a particularly popular option for delivering building supplies and for our customers working in the utilities industry. They’re also extremely useful for delivery points where access to an onsite crane is difficult.

Forklift Mounted (MOFFETS)

As versatile as the rest of our fleet, our line of lorry mounted forklift (MOFFETT) trucks are designed to be efficient in delivering building supplies and pallets, especially at sites where cranes and forklifts aren’t in ready supply.

Artic Lorries

Articulated vehicles, also known as “artic lorries,” are designed to make sharp turns while carrying heavy loads with the help of a tractor unit and a semi-trailer. Available in lengths ranging up to 25 metres, these vehicles require special permits to operate, but are effective at moving bulk goods anywhere in the UK.

Our artic lorries are available with the following trailer types:

  • Curtain side
  • Box top
  • Temperature-controlled
  • Flat bed with crane

Given the above details, we hope that you’ll make an informed decision about which vehicle from Platinum Transport Solutions will best suit your needs.

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